Welcome to Very Private. Enjoy the Pleasure of Being a Woman.

Very Private's mission is to help women achieve greater confidence and appreciation of themselves; to feel comfortable with their bodies as they go through different life stages, to find effective and safe solutions for their intimacy and relationship problems, to achieve greater happiness and closeness with their partners, FDA Cleared, OB/gyn.net Approved.


  1. 1 Intimate Moisture
    Eliminates vaginal dryness instantly, heightens & prolongs the pleasure of sexual activity. FDA & OB/gyn.net approved. Dermotologist tested & approved.
  2. 2 Body Wash
    Cleans gently, conditions skin superbly. Has anti-bacterial & fungal protection, pH balanced, hypo-allergenic, non drying. Dermatologist tested & approved.
  3. 3 Body Silk Cream
    Serious dry skin treatment, penetrates to the deeper skin levels to repair and revitalize. Hypo-allergenic, pH balanced. Dermatologist tested & approved.

Latest news

  • "I have recommended Very Private to many of my patients suffering from vaginal dryness because the product is safe and instantly restores our natural moisture.  My patients report that they are very satisfied with the product because it works instantly and feels so completely natural.  Sincerely,  Dr. Richard Bank”